Staff Profiles

Rachel copy1

Rachel [Boss Woman] Gemmell - Chief of Everything

She’s done everything for ages. 30 years of industry experience means Rachel can sincerely relate to everyone’s point of view. Her steadfast belief in karma means that you’ll never get anything but the plain honest truth from anyone here at Food Nation. We wouldn’t dare play it any other way. She’s pretty cheeky and forthright – but chances are you’ll get a good value giggle one way or the other

FN003 a

Stephen [Babe] Best - Finance Manager

Stephen is so laid back it really is hilarious that he’s our finance dude. He has had a lot of experience in all aspects of the industry but has graciously accepted the challenge of debt, tax and payroll. Joy.
None of us help him at all.

FN0010 a

Melissa [The Melster] Bilsborow - Sales Account Manager

Mel’s been here for aaaaaaages, another industry survivor. She’s all up to date on what’s happening out on the field. Keeping an eye on all the things of everything and gets it doneskies. Thorough, considerate and customer delight driven, you’ll love as much as we do.

Josh copy

Josh [Mr Business] Thorley – Territory Account Manager

Josh loves the whole lot and wants to know it all. We can depend on him to notice the most random, but essential things. He’s not scrolling through socials on the couch, he’s trawling our inventory, investigating sales history and assessing sales sell through data. Add in some groan-woeful Dad jokes and all we can say is he’s definitely more fun than he sounds

Kayla copy

Kayla [Kitten] Harrison – Territory Account Manager

Kayla is our whizz kid and bar far the most popular girl in the world. Her loveliness is unrestricted. Her good nature unlimited. Up for any kind of helping, she’s exactly what everyone is wanting. Her go to word is YES!

baby josh website

Josh [Merch God] Del Checcolo – Merchandiser and Sales Support

Our new kid on the block has charmed us all and he’ll do you too. He has clearly been brought up in a loving, hard-working family and is keen to please. He’s our all ‘rounder and supporter being anything and everything he needs to be. You can definitely smell him coming and it’s gooooood

Hayden new copy11

Hayden [Hey-doh] Mudge - Warehouse Manager

One third of the A-Team he’s a tidy, quiet, efficient, considerate, helpful man. But you know, if there’s fun to be had, he’s at the centre of it. Just as well he gets it all done with no fuss, a big smile and a steady pace.

FN009 a

Gavin [Gav-Man] Carter – Warehouse Assisant or whatever Gav wants to call himself

Another quiet, fastidious type – He just goes around getting the job done – neatly, calmly, thoughtfully, perfectly. Obsessed with Supercoach, he has strong, opposing views on pretty much anything anyone else mentions, but still, he’s worth it

Paul copy

Paul [What's he wearing?] Feary - Warehouse Legend

Never has there been a teamster who breezed in themselves and stayed that way. No uniform will ever be wanted or even suitable for our gentle giant he is rockin’ classic style blended with post-modern medieval floss… He is the man.

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