Staff Profiles

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Rachel [Boss Woman] Gemmell - Chief of Everything

She’s done everything for ages. 25 years of industry experience means Rachel can sincerely relate to everyone’s point of view. Her steadfast belief in karma means that you’ll never get anything but the plain honest truth from anyone here at Food Nation. We wouldn’t dare play it any other way. She’s pretty cheeky and forthright – but chances are you’ll get a good value giggle one way or the other.

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Stephen [Babe] Best - Finance Manager

Stephen is so laid back it really is hilarious that he’s our finance dude. He has had a lot of experience in all aspects of the industry but has graciously accepted the challenge of debt, tax and payroll. Joy.
None of us help him at all.

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Sam [Sambo] Harris – Sales Manager

Our Samular is indispensible within the Food Nation team. Our longest serving slave, he’s been here like forevs, and has done all there is to do. He’s a very clever smarty pants but the real reason he’s adored is because he’s fun, fun, FUNNY

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Melissa [The Melster] Bilsborow - Sales Account Manager

She’s nice all over. Nice manners, nice hair, nice smile, nice, nice, NICE! She’s been brought up right. She’s another industry survivor, all up to date on what’s happening out on the field. Thorough, considerate, attentive and just the type to laugh at your (bad) jokes, you’ll love as much as we do.

FN005 a

Emma [Mel] Handke - Sales Account Manager

It was slowly then suddenly. She came, she saw, she watched and listened. At first, quietly. She knew the view. Then the self-expression of the Em-star kicked in and she was the sister you never knew you wanted. Emma’s amaze. The ballast in the Food Nation boat, she keeps it real for the whole team.She’s like the stealth bomber of charisma.

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Hayden [Hey-doh] Mudge - Warehouse Manager

One third of the A-Team he’s a tidy, quiet, efficient, considerate, helpful man. But you know, if there’s fun to be had, he’s at the centre of it. Just as well he gets it all done with no fuss, a big smile and a steady pace.

FN009 a

Gavin [Gav-Man] Carter – Warehouse Assisant or whatever Gav wants to call himself

Another quiet, fastidious type – He just goes around getting the job done – neatly, calmly, thoughtfully, perfectly. Obsessed with Supercoach, he has strong, opposing views on pretty much anything anyone else mentions, but still, he’s worth it

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