Cashew Cheese Smoked Chilli


Cashew Cheese Smoked Chilli

This hand crafted Cashew Cheese in the perfect balance of smokey and chilli flavours combined with a hint of sweetness to tantalise any taste buds. A fantastic alternative to dairy! This vegan fermented miracle is brimming with probiotics and is the most delicious way to improve your gut health. With a smooth creamy texture, it’s perfect for mixing, spreading, dipping and dolloping.   


You’ll love me because: my cashews are an excellent source of healthy fats, antioxidants, calcium and magnesium. I also add some serious sensational smokiness to any meal, especially Mexican!



Cashews*, Filtered water*, L-Plantarum Culture, Tomato Paste*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Australian sun-dried sea salt, Cayenne Pepper*, Smoked Paprika*, Garlic Powder*, Stevia*. (*denotes organic)


Product details:

  • Size: 270g
  • Carton Quantity: 6
  • Barcode: 0080687032525
  • Product Code: PLV21
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