Sauerkraut Seaweed


Sauerkraut Seaweed

We’ve captured the magic of the ocean in this nutrient dense power player. Adding organic Australian Wakame and ORMUS to a classic base of cabbage, carrot and ginger, this oceanic delight is packed with minerals and as refreshing as an afternoon swim!


Ingredients: Cabbage*, Filtered Water, Carrots*, Ginger*, Tasmanian Wakame*, ORMUS (sea minerals), Australian sun-dried sea salt, L-plantarum culture. (*Denotes ORGANIC)


You’ll love me because: I bring unique minerals and organic Australian dried sea salts from the sea to you!

Product details:

  • Size: 580g
  • Carton Quantity: 6
  • Barcode: 9368056974517
  • Product Code: PLV01
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