Did you grow up calling eggs “Googy eggs”? Well we did, and for many it is synonymous with an Aussie childhood – where life was simple, food was real and we played outside in nature. And that’s what Googys is about. Eggs are the real deal as nutritional powerhouses. Egg whites naturally contain very high levels of protein that has the most bioavailable fit for human digestion and absorption compared to other proteins. There are also no chemical extraction processes or solvents to “isolate” or “concentrate” the protein like many dairy and vegetable sources use. Just a gentle drying that also pasteurises the egg whites, making them perfectly safe to eat. Eggs are what our grandparents ate and what our ancestors would recognise as food. It’s real.It’s simple. And all Googys egg whites are certified free range. Googys is real food nutrition that your body will love.
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