Sambazon stands for Sustainable Managment of the Brazilian AmaZON and they believe that what they do can change the world. As pioneers of nutrition, bringers of amazing taste, and believers of higher consciousness, brother Ryan and Jeremy Black, have committed their lives to preserving the Amazon rainforest. Sambazon is based on a philosophy called the Triple Bottom Line in which success is measured economically, but also socially and environmentally. Sambazon believe in protecting and preserving the environment, in providing healthy and uncompromised nutrition to the world, and to believing in the power of positive change. Sambazon will always be organic, fair trade, and non-GMO because there’s really no other way to be. Because Sambazon hand-harvest all their açai, they are able to provide over 10,000 jobs for locals, to preserve countless acres of rainforest, and to spread the good vibes of this little purple berry to the world.
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