San Elk is small based food manufacturing family business based in Melbourne. Our business specialises in producing premium quality hand crafted certified organic products. We are very excited to launch our first product San Elk Artisan Vegetable Stock. Our Artisan Vegetable Stock is Australian Certified Organic (Cert. No 12247). Our product is made from certified organic ingredients: sea salt, corn flour, raw sugar, olive oil, parsley, turmeric, celery, tomato, onion, garlic, cracked pepper and nutmeg. Our certified organic ingredients are sourced from premium quality growers, providing a superior stock that’s free from colours, preservatives, flavour concentrates, maltodextrin, msg, palm products, gluten, lactose and yeast, also suitable for Vegans. San Elk Artisan Vegetable Stock is easy to use and quick to dissolve. Our stock adds a deep flavour to soups, casseroles, risottos, curries, stir fries, couscous, sauces and gravies. Can also be used in dips, pasta dishes and to season vegetables, fish, chicken and meat dishes. Dissolve one teaspoon per cup (250ml) of hot water as required. Makes 13 litres of liquid stock. We pride ourselves in providing a product that is of premium quality and offers best value to our customers. Our packaging is unique, environmentally friendly and biodegradable which supports our organic business values.
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